Bainbridge Archaeological Training Excavation

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Join Mercian Archaeological Services CIC in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales for this week-long training excavation, which focuses on the teaching of archaeological excavation methods.

Sheep on Bainbridge Hillfort (Credit: Mercian Archaeological Services CIC)
Sheep on Bainbridge Hillfort (Credit: Mercian Archaeological Services CIC)

As well as offering the very best in archaeological training and support, this training excavation is tailored towards enabling attendees to fulfil requirements of the Archaeological Skills Passport.

*Please note accommodation is not provided*

Archaeological Training Excavation
This course focuses on excavation; it is suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced digger:

For those wishing to develop their skills, for students and post-graduates seeking to fulfil the practical experience requirements of their course, for those wishing to pursue a career in archaeology or improve their knowledge to give them the edge at work, for those looking to acquire cross-transferable skills, for volunteer diggers wishing to raise their game, impress their friends, and increase their enjoyment of archaeology and heritage through a greater skill set and knowledge base – right through to people simply wishing to learn for the love of learning.

About the site: The beautiful village of Bainbridge was formerly the administrative centre of the medieval Forest of Wensleydale, and the magnificent Bolton Castle near Leyburn dominates the valley to the east. A Roman fort looms large over the village of Bainbridge on the eastern side.

The site of the excavation is overlooked by a Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age Slight Univallate Hillfort. This fort occupies the high ground at the top of a steep slope on the southern side of the site.

Excavations will concentrate on the possible medieval manorial complex to the north of this fort, which has been identified from earthworks and recently discovered pottery.

The area is famous not only for its beautiful landscape, but also its world famous cheese, and as the backdrop to the television series ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.

For more information about the excavation, visit the project website here.