Bamburgh Castle

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Bamburgh Castle from the air. Great Gate to the left and the castle ditch spanned by the bridge. [Image: BRP]

Bamburgh Research Project has been excavating at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, UK since 1996. The castle is one of the most stunning locations in the UK, with an extensive archaeological legacy. In its heyday Bamburgh was the principal palace-fortress of the early medieval Kings of Northumbria a role for which it has become increasingly famous in recent years through Bernard Cornwell’s Uhtred books and TV series.

The excavations this season will be in the castle ditch at the Great Gate.  We are aiming to excavate through medieval and perhaps early medieval layers and provide a stratified dateable sequence that will aid in interpreting the very complex layers of the west Ward. We intend also to do a substantial survey of the Great Gate intending to better understand its medieval form.

In addition we will be doing extensive post excavation work on palaeoenvironmental samples and finds.

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