Caherconnell Archaeological Field School

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A group of students working inside Caherconnell Cashel – Summer 2018 [Image: Caherconnell Archaeology Field School]

Caherconnell Archaeological Field School (CAFS) was set up in 2010 with a vision for providing unforgettable archaeological experiences in the unique Burren region. In partnership with the National University of Ireland in Galway we aim to provide the very best archaeological education as well as a cultural element which sees students interact with the people of the area daily. Your experience here will see you work with some of Ireland’s best archaeologists during the day and some of Ireland’s finest conversationalists at night!

The Caherconnell experience is one which will not be soon forgotten and one which will allow students to experience the very best of Irish archaeology and culture all at once. Here you will get the chance to excavate Caherconnell Fort, one of the best preserved forts in the entire Burren. The story of Caherconnell is a complex one and each excavation brings us closer to unravelling the secrets of this extraordinary site. Caherconnell is the ideal place for anyone who wishes to learn the skills of Archaeology in a professional manner where academic credit is provided.