Dig into Shropshire’s past at Soulton Hall

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Help DigVentures investigate a rare 12th-13th century fortress from the time of Empress Mathilda and the Marcher Lords. [Image: DigVentures]

The Shropshire border between England and Wales is filled with impressive historic monuments, from spectactular castles and hillforts, Roman towns and ancient archaeological sites. Tucked away in a field beside Soulton Hall stands a strikingly visible rectangular mound, thought to be the rare remains of an adulterine fort, used in the time of Empress Mathilda and the Marcher Lords.

But exactly how old is it? What did it defend? How was it built? And what else can it teach us about Shropshire’s history? Join DigVentures’ friendly team of archaeologists and you’ll learn everything you need to know to help find the answers. You’ll learn how to excavate, interpret your finds and record them like a pro. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to try additional archaeological skills like working with artefacts in the Finds Room, surveying, photography, and more.

Most importantly, the things you discover will make a genuine contribution to our understanding of the past.

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