Dig into Shropshire’s Past at Soulton Hall

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Participants in DigVentures’ archaeology fieldschool helping to unearth a forgotten medieval castle in Shropshire
Join DigVentures’ archaeology fieldschool and help unearth a forgotten medieval castle in Shropshire. (Credit: DigVentures)

Tucked away in Shropshire, DigVentures uncovered the remains of a 13th-century castle. Measuring just 20 x 20m, this diminutive castle is strategically positioned along the English-Welsh border. Despite its small size, it’s perfectly placed to control a single crossing point over the surrounding floodplain, and access along the main road leading to Wem. When was it built? Who defended it? And how did this tiny-but-mighty castle end up being lost to history? DigVentures plans to find out this summer.

This time, the team is raising the bar and running an enhanced Fieldschool Programme that gives you the chance to experience the widest range of field skills possible.

You’ll learn to excavate, explore delicate remains, and work with a range of materials including waterlogged wood. You’ll handle artefacts in the Finds Room, try your hand at advanced fieldskills like geophysics, and come away with an all-round experience of the core skills that archaeologists use on fieldwork.

As always, DigVentures’ friendly team will be on-hand to guide your search for evidence every step of the way, so whether you’re new to archaeology or are a seasoned digger who wants push their skills to the next level, this is your chance to come and try them all.

Location: Soulton Hall, Shropshire
Region: Midlands
Time period: Medieval
Accommodation provided: Yes – camping facilities will be available to book through Soulton Hall website at a small extra cost
Level of experience required: No prior experience needed
Academic credit available: Not directly, but we can provide a letter of support which can be converted into credit by the institution
Extra on-excavation activities: Online events will be listed at https://digventures.com/calendar closer to the time – will include a Virtual Tour and at least one other talk/workshop. People can also support the dig as a Digital Crowdfunder and follow our process online (cost: £10-£75).
Age limit: 17+
Dates: July 19 – August 7
Cost: £395-£1500
Contact name: DigVentures
Contact address: Witham Studios #5, Hall Street, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8JB
Contact telephone: +44 (0) 333 011 3990
Contact email: [email protected]
Website address: https://digventures.com
Social media:  
Twitter – @TheDigVenturers
Instagram – @digventures
Facebook – @DigVentures

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