Dig the Tudors at Sudeley Castle

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Join the search for one of England’s last surviving Tudor gardens, and a banqueting house built for Elizabeth I. [Image: DigVentures]

Sudeley Castle was one of the Tudors’ most beloved palaces. It’s where Anne Boleyn stayed with Henry VIII while he made his decision to dissolve the monasteries, and where Katherine Parr, Henry’s last wife, later lived after he died. But hidden in the castle grounds, DigVentures has found traces of yet another remarkable moment in Tudor history – the remains of a banqueting house built for Elizabeth I, where she celebrated her victory over the Spanish Armada. Historians are becoming increasingly interested in these temporary structures, which played a vital role in Tudor politics, and were fundamental for the royal court’s ability to indulge in elaborate displays of wealth and magnificence all over the country. This discovery at Sudeley Castle gives us a rare opportunity to uncover the physical remains of one such structure, and to learn more about their place in Tudor history.

Join DigVentures’ friendly team of archaeologists and you’ll learn everything you need to unearth brand new evidence about this fascinating piece of history.

You’ll learn how to excavate, interpret your discoveries and record them like a pro. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to try additional archaeological skills like working with artefacts in the Finds Room, and more. Most importantly, the things you discover will make a genuine contribution to our understanding of the past.

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