Elsyng Palace

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The furnace of the palace ‘boiling house’ [Image: Martin Deane]

A 17th season of work on the scheduled ancient monument, home of a series of nationally important figures beginning in the Wars of the Roses and then a Tudor royal palace, will aim to locate the moated inner gatehouse. With previous work about to be published in a major monograph, the dig will begin to examine higher status parts of the palace and we welcome experienced and novice diggers for all or just part of the excavation which is in public parkland. (Applications for society membership must be received by 4th July.)

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know if the supervisor accept french student for this excavation ? Because I’m quite interested.

    Thank you for the answer

    • Dear Maelle,

      Thank you for getting in touch – it’s great to hear you’re interested in getting involved in the dig! The best person to contact for more information regarding this specific excavation is Martin Dearne ([email protected]) – he should be able to answer any questions you have, and you might also find further information on their website of use too: http://www.enfarchsoc.org/dig.

      Best wishes,

      The CA Team

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