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View of 2019 excavations at Ashton Court. [Image: Nick Turner]

Archeoscan run a number of digs open to members of the public throughout the year. This year we will once again be returning to at least two Roman sites. In April, our first dig will focus on the wider hinterland of the main building of a large Roman site that we have been excavating for the past 6 years to build up a sequence of dating for the whole site.

Our second Roman site, later in the year, will be looking for a well-appointed Roman building that accompanies 2 corn dryers we excavated in that area. There is a possibility that a lost Medieval church also lies in the boundary of the site. We will also be exploring the remains of a wing of a 16th Century manor house that was revealed in a geophysical survey during the dry summer of 2019 and we started to explore in 2020. We will also have another dig later in the year the details have yet to be confirmed.. Contact Archeoscan for more details and dates.


  1. I am a quallified Land Surveyor and long term resident in Bath – though been working behind a desk for 5 years mainly. I am considering getting involved in Archaeology because of obvious geospatial (and digging) tie ins. Would there be any scope to get involved in this dig on a voluntary basis. If a reference is required for character then Stuart Prior (University of Bristol Archaeology dept is a 20 yr friend). Best Regards: [email protected]

  2. My son in a member of YAC and is very interested in attending a dig with his father or myself. He is 7,8 in November, is this to young to attend?

  3. I have no experience at all but I would love to come along and see archeology in progress and help wherever possible.

  4. Hi, I’ve been fascinated by history and archaeology for as long as I can remember and would love to be involved in your dig. Are you currentlyl running it? I’m in Swindon until the end of October, and would love to join the dig if possible.

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