Isert Kelly Castle Excavation

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Excavation in progress at Isert Kelly Castle during summer 2017 (Credit: R Sherlock)

The Galway Archaeological Field School provides students with hands-on experience of the archaeology and architecture of medieval Ireland. We specialise in this field and seek to immerse our students in the wealth of medieval castles, churches and monasteries which lie scattered across the Irish landscape.

In summer 2020, we will return to Isert Kelly Castle where we have been excavating every summer since 2014. We plan to open a new trench across late medieval hall. We offer two four-week courses on the site – our Introduction to Archaeological Excavation course for beginners and our Recording Methods in Archaeological Survey and Excavation course for more advanced students.

We also offer a separate two-week Castles, Cloisters and Churches course before and after the excavation – this focuses on the study of medieval architecture and involves daily fieldtrips to explore medieval sites in several counties. Students can register for any individual course or can combine courses to create six-week, eight-week or ten-week packages. Students are accommodated in luxury single-room student apartments in Galway city and are free to explore during evenings and weekends.