King’s Park

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Archaeologists expose the paved floor at the King's Hill excavation site
Exposing the paved floor! (Credit: Murray Cook)

The King’s Park fort is part of a long term, relaxed and open series of project to explore the Late Prehistoric settlement patterns of the Forth Valley. The project focuses on a previously unknown Romano-British fort. You will have the opportunity to excavate archaeological remains that have never been examined before.

It costs £300, or £50 a day. The price excludes accommodation and food but the site is a 10 minute walk from Stirling’s city centre. The project is run by Dr Murray Cook.

Location: Huntly, Aberdeenshire
Region: Scotland
Time period: Neolithic and Pictish
Accommodation provided: No
Level of experience required: None
Academic credit available: No
Extra on-excavation activities: Guided tours
Age limit: 17+; under 17s have to be accompanied by an adult
Dates: August 14-19
Cost: £300 or £50 a day
Contact name: Dr Murray Cook
Contact address: 6a Gladstone Place, Stirling, FK8 2NN
Contact telephone: 07929848145
Contact email: [email protected]
Website address: https://www.rampartscotlandco.uk
Social media: 
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/146128012088257

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