Lindisfarne 2020

2 mins read
Unearthing a charnel pit on Lindisfarne. (Credit: DigVentures

Lindisfarne is one of England’s most iconic early medieval sites. When the Vikings headed over, this famous monastery was their first target.

For 1,000 years, its ruins were lost to history, but DigVentures and Durham University have now uncovered some of its remains.

Over the last four years, hundreds of crowdfunders have joined the team and found some tantalising evidence, including buildings, huge ovens, early medieval sculptures, namestones (some inscribed with Anglo-Saxon runes), several early Christian burials, and all manner of artefacts including coins, hairpins, a pair of small copper rings, and even that famous blue glass kingpiece.

It’s clear that project has now located a significant part of this missing monastery, and it’s time to dig deep and investigate in detail. Who was living on the island before, during and after the Viking raids? What can we learn about their lives? And how did they survive? Join DigVentures’ friendly team of archaeologists and you’ll learn everything you need to know to help piece the story of this iconic site back together.

You’ll learn how to excavate, interpret your discoveries and record them like a pro. There’ll also be plenty of opportunities to try additional archaeological skills like working with artefacts in the Finds Room, surveying, photography, and more. Most importantly, the things you discover will make a genuine contribution to our understanding of the past.