Mercian Archaeological Services Post-Fieldwork Training School

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As well as offering the best in archaeological training and support, the 2020 Field School is tailored towards enabling attendees to fulfil the requirements of the Archaeological Skills Passport.

Mercian Archaeological Services Post-Fieldwork Training School

This training school is designed to provide training and experience in various aspects of the post excavation process. All tuition and training will be carried out under the supervision of experienced tutors, with finds training lead by Mercian’s ceramic specialist David Budge.

The course is designed to give delegates an understanding of what is involved in the post excavation process for finds, ranging from initial cleaning and processing of the finds as they come out of the ground, through to some of the specialist analysis that finds are subject to, through to illustration and preparation of the finds for publication.

It is also designed to allow delegates to gain experience of handling finds and to develop the ability to look at artefacts critically with a view to recognising the clues that give evidence of what they were used for and that can help to identify them.

The course will provide training in archaeological drawing techniques including preparing plans and /or sections for publication, and training in working with site archives to create site matrices.

Delegates will also learn archaeological GIS (Geographic Information Systems) including working with survey data, preparing maps, working with historic mapping, creating and working with 3D models.

This course is suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced archaeologist. Everyone is welcome – no previous knowledge or experience is required.

For more information, including more details on what the finds processing, post-excavation training, and archaeological GIS training includes, visit the project website.

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