Topographic Survey Training Course 2022

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Delegates undertaking topographic survey training
Delegates undertaking topographic survey training (Credit: Mercian Archaeological Services CIC)

In archaeology, the ability to measure the location of a site, artefact, or earthwork is essential. Nowadays, many archaeological sites use either GPS or Total Station for site survey. Differential GPS can record points of circa 1cm accuracy levels in three dimensions, and can also allow real time ‘on the fly’ measurements to be taken allowing large areas of land to be surveyed. The Total Station is an electronic theodolite and Electronic Distance Measurer that records point locations by measuring distance and angles.

This course will teach the required skills that are used on excavations and other sites for locating features using GPS and Total Station. The course will also go further to enable participants to learn the complex skills of archaeological topographic survey, recording a site with a combination of both objective and subjective survey methods.

The Topographic Survey Training day course aims to help participants learn about the theory, science, uses, methods, logistics, deployment, data collection, data processing, and reporting behind archaeological topographic surveying. The course will include:

  • Introduction and theory, working in grids, mapping in 2D and 3D, working with co-ordinates and heights, ‘X,Y, & Z’
  • Pythagoras and Right Angles
  • Levelling heights in ‘Z’
  • Laying out a trench from Ordnance Survey co-ordinates – ‘X & Y’
  • Introduction to Total Station & GPS
  • Undertaking the survey – data collection, including control points, total station survey and cross-sections with a dumpy level
  • Introduction to mapping in 3D with a Dumpy Level
  • Downloading data
  • Introduction to 2D mapping
  • Creating a Digital Terrain Model in GIS

Location: King John’s Palace & Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire
Region: Midlands
Time period: Multi-period
Accommodation provided: No
Level of experience required: None
Academic credit available: No, but designed around Archaeological Skills Passport
Age limit: All ages, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult
Dates: October 24-28
Cost: £450 per person; £350 for students (full- and part-time with NUS)
Contact name: Andy Gaunt
Contact address: Staffordshire House, Beechdale Road, Nottingham, NG8 3FH
Contact email: [email protected]
Website address: http://mercian-as.co.uk/topo_survey.html
Social media:
Facebook – /mercianarch
Twitter – @mercianarch
Instagram – @mercian_archaeological

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