Bath & Camerton Archaeological Society (BACAS)

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The Bath & Camerton Archaeological Society (BACAS) was formed in 1949 by the late Bill Wedlake. Initially called the Camerton Excavation Club the first President was Ethelbert Horne, F.S.A., the Prior of Downside Abbey. His successor was Sir Mortimer Wheeler. The Society has led or been involved in many exploratory and training excavations and has had an important role in the preservation of historic sites and antiquities in Bath and the surrounding area. Notable excavations include those at Camerton in Somerset and Nettleton in Wiltshire.

Excursions are organised during the summer months, including both evening walks and day trips to archaeological sites. A series of lectures is run during the winter months.

The Society also publishes an annual journal ‘Camertonia’ packed with articles about current projects and other items of interest to members. Newsletters are mailed out during the year, to keep members up to date with activities.

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  1. Hello camerton ,We are a group of enthusiasts ,Called Frometunnelteam , we excavate tunnels ,cellars , and also the town bridge ,in Frome , somerset ,we need some help with geophysical surveys , we noted that you have your own equipment ,Is there any chance you could help us out ???

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