About Current Archaeology

Photograph of Current Archaeology magazine front covers, printed on a canvas

Discover everything you need to know about archaeology in Britain with Current Archaeology, the UK’s favourite archaeology magazine.


Current Archaeology is the UK’s only independent consumer magazine aimed at the archaeology enthusiast. Launched in 1967 by husband and wife team Andrew and Wendy Selkirk, it is the best-selling title in its field with over 45,000 readers who are passionate about heritage.

What’s in the magazine?

The magazine covers the archaeology of all periods – from prehistory and ancient human origins, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, and the Middle Ages right through to modern times – and it bridges the gap between the amateur and the professional. We aim neither to preach, nor to give a bare recital of facts. Instead we speak to the archaeologists themselves to bring you the full story: why the excavators went there, how they made their discoveries, what they found, why it’s important, and, of course, what it all means.

Published every month, each issue includes:

  • Digs: We bring you reports on the latest excavations, brilliantly described and beautifully illustrated with informative photographs and stunning aerial images
  • Discoveries: Be the first to know about the latest archaeological discoveries, put into context
  • Debate: Lively opinion pieces keep you informed on all the debates currently taking place within archaeology – who’s saying what, and why it matters
  • News: Keep up-to-date with the latest news from excavations across the UK
  • Science Notes: Understand what the latest scientific techniques are, how they work, and what they can tell us about our past
  • Calendar: Find out what’s on and where with all the archaeological diary dates.
  • Books: Get discerning reviews of the latest books, and discover what’s soon to be published.
  • Museums: Explore behind the scenes at the latest archaeological exhibitions.

Who produces it?

Current Archaeology is produced by Current Publishing (who also produce two sister magazines, Current World Archaeology, and Military History Matters). You can find a list of our main contributors here. We are a small and enthusiastic team based in West London where we write and design the magazines, and also deal with the subscriptions and business functions of the magazines too. So if you have any query about Current Archaeology, just give us a call on 020 8819 5580 and there will be someone here to help you.

How do I get Current Archaeology?

The best way to get the magazine is by subscription – our subscribers get each issue delivered to their door, before it even goes on sale in shops, and it works out better value than buying individual issues. You can subscribe online using our secure server, you can call us on 020 8819 5580, and you can also write to us.

Current Archaeology is also stocked in WH Smith stores, and in a number of independent newsagents.

How do I find out more?

Now you know a bit about us, why not read about what we do. You can read summaries of our latest articles; see what has been in some of the previous magazines; see what our readers think about Current Archaeology; and then maybe, give us a try, and subscribe risk free!