Benefits of Current Archaeology

The past is constantly being re-written. Across the country there are hundreds of excavations going on. It’s back-breaking work in often tough conditions, but the findings are essential for our understanding of our past. Yet who has the time to visit them all and put their findings into context?

We do! For 50 years Current Archaeology has been visiting the digs, talking to the excavators and reviewing the literature to keep our readers up-to-date. So, if you are interested in staying current with the past, now is the perfect time to subscribe.

Great Reasons to subscribe

  1. Learn more about one of Britain’s fastest growing subjects from the respected voice of Current Archaeology.
  2. Share quality writing with your friends and family. Subscriptions make thoughtful, personal and lasting gifts, whether as a birthday present, a Christmas present, an anniversary gift or simply as a thank you to a friend. Contact us should you have any specific requests.
  3. Current Archaeology is published in full colour with beautifully illustrated articles.
  4. Your magazine will be delivered direct to your door, so you never miss an issue.
  5. Subscribe risk free! If you decide in the first 2 months that Current Archaeology is not for you, call us and we will refund your money — plus you will be able to keep the magazines that you have already received.

Britain’s best-loved archaeology magazine appeals to many people

The Time Team viewer
“I would like to say how much I enjoy your magazines. I am only an ‘armchair archaeologist’, inspired by the Time Team programmes, but I really look forward to receiving each copy and read it from cover to cover.”

For keeping up to date
“I have, from the very beginning, found the quality of your magazine an excellent way of keeping up with what’s happening in archaeology. The quality of the articles has remained consistently good and varied throughout, and I always look forward to receiving the next copy”

As a present
“A subscription to CA was given to me as a Christmas present. Four copies to hand are proving compulsive reading. Brilliant!”

The beginner
“As a recent subscriber to CA I would just like to say how delighted I am with this excellent publication…we find it stimulating and challenging and accessible for beginners like ourselves.”

The student
“While studying for archaeology A-level over the past year, I used Current Archaeology as revision for the final exams. It was very useful and I think it helped me get through. Keep them coming!”

The old hands
“I often smile when reading Current Archaeology and want to say ‘hear, hear’. Thank you for your realism and humour. I suspect I fall into a growing group — time to enjoy the past a little more actively now the children have grown up. I am going on my first dig this summer; I don’t want to theorize, just trowel!”