What our readers think

“I’ve been receiving the magazines since the very beginning, and get them properly bound into volumes – they look superb, they really do!  The standard of the magazines is going up and up and up.”

– JA from West Midlands, by phone

“I’d like to renew my subscription please, I don’t want to miss any issues! It’s one of the best magazines I’ve ever read. I first subscribed in 1990… I’d taken early retirement, and I remember lying in the garden that summer, reading back issues of Current Archaeology. And, well, that was it: I’ve had it ever since! It’s such a great magazine.”

– AH from County Durham, by phone

“Fantastic magazine, it’s been a brilliant 12 months [since starting the subscription] – I don’t know how we managed without it beforehand! It’s so exciting hearing about all the new discoveries. We were due to visit Sutton Hoo a while back but the cruise wasn’t able to stop there in the end – very disappointing, but your feature on the site in the latest issue has been such a consolation. Thank you. Wonderful. Really wonderful.”

– PS from Lancashire, by phone

“Thank you so much! I always love dealing with your company, you’re always so efficient!”

– KR from Ayrshire – by phone.

“I’ve been subscribing for years…wonderful magazine!”

– PR from Stirling, by phone.

“After all these years, Current Archaeology is one of my favourite things, and I always read it from cover to cover as soon as I receive it through my door.

I am by no means a qualified archaeologist and have always wanted to go on a dig, but I was always too busy as a young man. I have always had such an invested interest in the subject and that is because of your magazine.

It really is the perfect thing for me, as an armchair archaeologist I find the magazines absolutely fascinating. It is obvious that so much hard work goes into every single issue.”

JHB from Dorset, by phone.

“I have just started a subscription because I was immediately impressed by your December issue, dumped on me by a visiting son-in-law. It is very aesthetically and carefully presented, in a no-nonsense, unpatronising manner, which I guess may be due to the decades of experience of its editor-in-chief.

I am no archaeologist, nor much of a historian for that matter, but I have had a passing interest in such things since doing a few summer weeks’ slave labour in the early 1960s for Peter Fowler, excavating a medieval farmhouse on Fyfield Down above Avebury. I still have memories of hot days and pitch-dark nights.

Keep up the good work.”

– AT from Cheshire, by email.

“I have been enjoying my magazines and congratulate you on your consistently high standard.”

– JB from Fringford, by post

“Thanks for your reliable and consistently good subscription service, and an excellent magazine!”

DL from Oxford, by email

“Thank you so much, you’ve been extremely helpful.
I have now set up the digital subscription and it works perfectly on my iPad so that’s fantastic. I’ve downloaded the last three issues so I can read them offline (maybe when sitting on the beach).”

– DL from New Zealand

It is a beautifully laid-out magazine:  the clear, well-spaced type is a joy to read, the high-resolution photographs have clarity, detail and ‘good’ colour – and (of course!) ALL the articles, information and content are top-notch!

– SD from Gloucestershire, by email

“I have enjoyed your magazines now over many years, and commend your interesting articles. Your article in CA on the Beaker people was eye-opening.”

ML from Malmesbury, by post

“Excellent value for money! Much enjoyed by me, then passed on to many family and friends to enjoy too.”

– JM from Colchester, by phone

“I have, from the very beginning, found the quality of your magazine an excellent way of keeping up with what’s happening in archaeology. The quality of the articles has remained consistently good and varied throughout, and I always look forward to receiving the next copy.”

– Kl, by email

“I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get the magazine!”

-MM from Cheshire, by phone

“I would like to say how much I enjoy your magazines. I am only an ‘armchair archaeologist’, inspired by the Time Team programmes, but I really look forward to receiving each copy and read it from cover to cover.”

– CM, by phone

“A subscription to CA was given to me as a Christmas present. Four copies to hand are proving compulsive reading. Brilliant!”

– KC, by phone

“I really enjoy the CA magazine, when it arrives it is ‘down tools’ to all housework and garden too.  Thank you all for all the attention you give it!”

– JE from Guernsey, by post

“I remember when the first issue came out in 1967… I didn’t subscribe straight away but soon realised I couldn’t live without such a good publication on archaeology, and have been subscribing ever since. Such a wonderful magazine.”

– MH from London, by phone

“As a recent subscriber as CA I would just like to say how delighted I am with this excellent publication…we find it stimulating and challenging and accessible for beginners like ourselves.”

– PE, by phone

“While studying for archaeology A-level over the past year, I used Current Archaeology as revision for the final exams. It was very useful and I think it helped me get through. Keep them coming!”

–  EM, by email

“Having lots of fun reading old copies of @CurrentArchaeo magazine given to me by a friend. Great inspiration for writing.”  “There’s some amazing stuff in them. Great magazine.”

– JG, online

“I often smile when reading Current Archaeology and want to say ‘hear, hear’. Thank you for your realism and humour. I suspect I fall into a growing group — time to enjoy the past a little more actively now the children have grown up. I am going on my first dig this summer; I don’t want to theorize, just trowel!”

– EJ, by post

“I would like to say how informative and helpful your magazine has been to me.  I am studying archaeology at Exeter University and have on many occasions used the relevant articles for my assignments.  It is invaluable.”

–  JF, by email

“The map on the back is such a good idea, and the summaries are really great – a great magazine.”

LE from Shropshire, by phone

“My husband was very impressed, such a nicely presented magazine.”

MR from Worcester, by phone

“I have for many years had subscriptions to Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology – and have never missed a copy.  I have just recently moved again from Australia to USA, so could you please make the following change of address for me:
[address details]

Please make the changes and keep my essential fix of archaeology coming,”

– MH from Texas USA, by email

“Just to say, it’s my favourite magazine of the ones that come in to our house, and I’m not even the archeoloigst! I particularly love the industrial articles. The one on Welsh harbours this month was splendid.”

FM, via email

“Our son who studied archaeology has left the nest for pastures new; however my husband and I enjoy reading the articles.

Please pass on our compliments to all concerned for such a high quality journal in both content and presentation — clearly, CA staff are a hardworking and dedicated team.”

– AS from Manchester, by email

“What a surprise to see a wonderful reconstruction of Castleshaw Roman fortlet (CA260). What memories it has re-ignited! I was a volunteer digger there in 1963 with Manchester University under the leadership of Hugh Thompson. It started a lifelong passion for all things archaeological although I was never able to pursue a career in that field. So thank goodness for your wonderful magazines, CA and CWA which I’ve been subscribing to almost from the beginning, at least I can still indulge my passion from the armchair!”

– VH from Cumbria, by email

“Many thanks for the rapid and very effective follow-up. Much appreciated! I am delighted to be now reassured of the continuing delivery of my favorite magazine in 2020 and beyond!”
– MM, via email

“I just want to check I’ve renewed my subscription – I’m 91 and tend to forget things, but I wouldn’t want to miss the magazines for all the tea in China!”

– JM from Chester, by phone

“I’m having withdrawal symptoms from your magazine!”

– JP from Oxfordshire, by phone.

“I have been so pleased with the magazine. I am actually going to be studying for a Masters in Buildings Archaeology at the University of York in October 2012. Reading the magazine has not only kept me abreast of issues in British archaeology, but been very inspiring and pushed me to pursue my studies in the UK.  Thank you!”

– AK from USA, by email

“Love the magazines – As well as Archaeology Live in London I have booked a week’s holiday in Orkney and Shetland with an archaeologist guide in May and a week in Ireland with Andante in September, after seeing them at last year’s meeting at the British Museum. You certainly enrich my life.”

-TJ, by online

“Very good quality magazine, and good printing too.”

– RS from Bampton, by phone

“I have just begun to receive copies Current Archeology, and wanted to pass on my congratulations on an extremely high quality product. I can assure you every copy is read cover to cover by both my wife and myself with only the regret that old age and medical conditions have drawn our numerous (15+) travels to Great Britain to an end.  This current subscription is a renewal to last years subscription provided, again, by my son as a Christmas gift.”

– BM from USA, by email

“Very pleasant service, and I very much enjoy the magazines.”

– TB from Warwickshire, by phone

“Thanks are due from me to your staff & to the many  contributors  for maintaining such a high standard of quality throughout the many years that I have enjoyed the magazine.”

– AW from Nottingham, by post

“I do enjoy your magazine so much and look forward to its arrival each month.   The articles are so well-written and so interesting!”

– JO’R from US , by email

“I’ve just subscribed to Current Archaeology and I’m really impressed, love the magazine – can’t put my first issue down!”

– LW from Essex, by phone

“I have read CA since it was first published in the early 60s. It has gone from strength to strength, always something fascinating in each edition.

– JH from Suffolk, by post

“…Fantastic magazines!”

– DG from Waterlooville, by phone

“Thank you for producing magazines of continuing high quality: long may they continue.”

– NRF from Hanworth, by post.

“Excellent magazine. As an expat living in the USA it keeps me up to date with all archaeology news in the UK. As I am from Newcastle my wife and I travel to the UK to visit our favourite site at Vindolanda, and the recent news was published in your magazine. It is a brilliant magazine – it tells you breaking news in layman’s terms, keep up the good work.”

– RR from USA, online

“We are just thrilled with the two magazines which came in today’s mail, thanks so much. We are going to add a bit to our website about the article in Current Archaeology about the HMS Namur.”

– ES & RS from Australia, by email

“I look forward to it so very, very much. The thought of missing a copy fills me with horror!”

– MJA from London, by phone

“…superb, really good magazine.”

– AF from Aberdeen, by phone

“My husband was very impressed…such a nicely presented magazine.”

– MR from Worcestershire, by phone

“…fascinating and informative. I have participated in excavations and always enjoy reading about recent developments in the field.”

– RC, by email

“May I take this opportunity to say how much I enjoy your publication which has inspired me to get more involved in historical research in general and archaeology in particular.  I recently spent two weeks digging at the Poulton Project which I thoroughly enjoyed having spotted it in your useful guide to digs.”

– JB from Telford, by post

“It’s one of the better publications around!”

– NL from Aberdeenshire – by phone.

“Very happy to subscribe again to a fascinating magazine.”

– JMH from Torquay, by post

“I find it a fascinating magazine and it’s helping me with my Open University course!”

– DC from Norfolk, by phone

“Very good magazine. I’ve got all the issues right back to number 40!”

– RP from Stourbridge, by phone

“Thank you very much for CA 283. We always look forward to this interesting read.”

– NR from Penzance, by post.

“I love the magazines – they are beautifully turned out, with no grammatical errors, printed on very nice paper and written with a sense of humour about some of the articles.  The whole thing is set out in a very enticing manner.”

– PT from Plymouth, by phone

“You’ll be pleased to know that when my children ask me what I want for Christmas, my answer is always a subscription to Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology. They are wonderful magazines, I love them to bits and I hope to continue with them for a very long time.”

– AK from Wisbech, by phone

“Thank you for putting together an absolutely wonderful magazine. What a fine job you do!”

-LW, by phone

“I can’t go without that. I go mad not having my CA.”

-SI, by phone

“Please let the copies fly into my post office box. I do enjoy your magazine very much. I do think when I will not renew my subscription is when I will be dead!!”

– FA from Namibia, by email

“I love your magazine, I’ve been taking it since 1990. It’s one of the best magazines I’ve ever had.”

– AJH from Stockton-on-Tees, by phone

“I’d like to say how much we enjoy the magazine. We really look forward to it and it gives us something to talk about!”

– HP from Shipley, by phone

“I am a regular subscriber to both your journals and frankly find them riveting.”

– JC from Adelaide, Australia, by email


“Having seen pictures of cakes etc. in CA I thought I would send you this figure, he is my interpretation of a Viking! I do enjoy your magazine greatly.”

– DB from West Yorkshire, by post

“First class service! I work in publishing and I can only hope that our subscriptions department runs as smoothly and as efficiently as yours does.”

– SP from Devon, by phone

“Thank you very much for all the magnificent reading I’ve had over the years.”

– TM from Weston-super-Mare, by phone

“I love Current Archaeology, I read it cover to cover each month, religiously!”

– EB from Bowness, by phone

“I love your magazine, it’s just wonderful.”

– PP from Evercreech, by phone

“As always I am enjoying every page.  Keep up the good work.”

– YW, online

“Every month there is always a nice surprise in Current Archaeology  :-)”

– JM, online

“I always enjoy it and pass it on to others.”

– JP from Steyning, by email

“It’s a fascinating magazine.”

–  MD from Richmond, by phone.

“It’s definitely a good magazine, it’s a thumbs up from me!”

– JC from Gloucestershire, by phone.

“May I compliment you on the fine production of both  Current Archaeology  &  Current World Archaeology.  I appreciate the level at which the articles are pitched, making them very understandable to those of us who have an interest in archaeology, but no formal qualifications.”

– DB from Warragul, Australia, by email.

“Thank you very much for your prompt response, generous consideration and advice.”

– NG from Kings Park,  by email.

“A really interesting publication.”

– RD, by email.

“Many thanks again; the issues of CA/CWA arrived this morning. My partner threw the parcel on the bed, together with our dog, and I spent a happy hour browsing through them over a coffee. Although I am now in trouble as I should have been up and cleaning out our ferrets instead!”

– NG from Glasgow, by email.

“Thank you very much for you efficiency.”

– MT from Bedfordshire, by email.

“I’ve enjoyed the magazine no end throughout the years!”

– LL from South Wales, by phone.

“I look forward to reading Current Archaeology each month – it’s a very well produced and interesting review of what is happening in British archaeology and helps me stay connected with my own archaeological studies (many years ago now!).”

– SE from Kirkmuirhill, by email.

“I have had the immense pleasure of reading Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology since 1999. Keep up the good work!”

– JW from London, by phone.

“I really enjoy reading it every month.”

– MW from Lincolnshire, by phone.

“You gave such lovely service, and I was so delighted to receive the magazine.”

– LJ from Glasgow, by phone.

“Can I just say what a lovely magazine it is? Fascinating.”

– JS from Birmingham, by phone.

“Although I’m not studying archaeology, it is an interest that has grown in the past eighteen months and so I have found Current Archaeology enlightening and informative.”

– MD from Hartford, by email.

“I love these historical, factual magazines for keeping the little grey cells stimulated!”

– CR, online.

“We like the magazine very, very much – we shall know what to recommend in future!”

– NT from Kent, by phone.

“A very good magazine. Very well presented!”

– JF from Manchester, by phone.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. What a lovely surprise it is to come home and find the latest Current Archaeology has been delivered.”

– JS, online.

“For a few sacred hours once a month there is a man in West Yorkshire momentarily away from a world of family hassle and lost in a world of old ruins and history.”

– MS from Huddersfield, by email.

“Thank you very, very much. You’re very good people to talk to.”

– DD from Ashley Heath, by phone.

“I am very impressed with the attractive way it is produced and printed.”

– AW from Cambridge, by email.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to state what an excellent magazine Current Archaeology is. I look forward to receiving future issues.”

– KS from Gloucestershire, by post.

“I have enjoyed the magazine for quite a few years…It’s been a great help and inspiration over the last few years as I progressed from Certificate to Diploma and finally to a Masters in Landscape archaeology. Many thanks to all.”

– CS from King’s Lynn, by email.

“I want to carry on reading the magazine until I die!”

– RP from Somerset, by phone.

“It’s so nice to speak to an efficient and pleasant human being! Long may you continue!”

– LC from London, by phone.

“Looking through past and recent issues, I’m really impressed with the quality of Current Archaeology over the years.”

– DG from Kent, by email.

“I have had many years of reading and interest, and I always enjoy the magazines and the quality of content.”

– FH from Hampshire, by post

“It’s an excellent magazine, I wish I’d found them 20 years ago!! Brilliant magazine, I like them very much, they’re marvellous.”

– PC from Devon, by phone.

“Many thanks for a fine publication that one looks forward to each month; a little bit of sanity.”

– CA from Kenya, by email.

“I’ve enjoyed it very much and I find myself going back and dipping in.”

– PW from Herefordshire, by phone.

“I’m really enjoying Current Archaeology and my list of places to visit/revisit on our travels next year is growing fast!!”

– MW from New Zealand, by email.

“Many thanks for the continuing excellence of your magazine and conferences!”

– PW from Middlesex, by post.

“I just want to say what a fantastic magazine it is. Excellent, excellent journal.”

– AS from Exeter, by phone.

“It’s a really nice moment for me when I look at the doormat and see that the post has arrived, and with it a new issue of Current Archaeology. I really enjoy it. I’ve been subscribing since 1983!”

– MS, by phone.

“I have subscribed to Current Archaeology for well over 25 years and to Current World Archaeology virtually since its inception. I wish to continue to do so indefinitely.”

– DL from Belize, by email.

“Love your magazine, have been a subscriber for many years.”

– KS from Bath, by email.

“Many thanks for your prompt response. My mother was so pleased when I read your e-mail out to her — she said: ‘How wonderfully efficient, and what a warm reply’. She asked me to thank you for the years of enjoyment that the Archaeology publications have given her.”

– AL from Leicestershire, by email.

“I’m really enjoying the magazines, I’ve tried other publications but they weren’t as good in my opinion.”

– BB from Derbyshire, by phone.

“Very nice 300th issue, congratulations to all.”

– PH, by email.

“Many congratulation on reaching your 300th edition! My word what a trip down memory lane. Thank you for the many years of fascinating archaeology – and please keep going for at least another 300 editions!”

– DS from Brighton, by post.

“I have always grown up with Current Archaeology magazine around the house…and I’m 45 now!”

– BM from Hampshire, by phone.

“I buy  CA as a gift for someone, and he loves it. We can’t prise it away from him!”

– SE from Lincolnshire, by phone.

“Thank you for all the hours of interesting reading that we have enjoyed from  CA  over the years!”

– CR from Essex, by post.

“Keep up the good work. It’s worth every penny, and more!”

– RH from Buckinghamshire, by phone.

“I started taking  Current Archaeology in 1999 having been accepted for a part-time, extra-mural course in Archaeology at Bristol University (under the then auspices of the late and much missed Mick Aston).  Happily, I went on to gain a very good degree in Archaeology, graduating in early 2005.

I just wanted to thank you for keeping me up to date with the latest discoveries and news and for all the fascinating articles and avid reads over the past 15 years or so.  Many thanks!”

– AL from Vale of Glamorgan.

“Keep going! I need you!”

– MJ from Merseyside, by post.

“I continue to enjoy CA, having been a subscriber from the start. Keep up the good work.”

– FR from Leicester, by post.

“I was fascinated to read your article on old houses of Snowdonia. I live further south in Wales and have long realised that, while most village domestic architecture was built post-1880s and on the ubiquitous urban villa plan, if one wants older vernacular buildings look to the hills! Above our village was one farmhouse that had a lintel inscribed 1502.  Many other farmhouses in our area date back similarly, with enquiries as to the age of the house met with an offhand “1600s” or whatever.
Also, when I was studying for my degree in archaeology and was digging on Anglesey, we were told that arrangements of farmhouses round a square yard reflected increasing social aspirations. Now I know there is an alternative explanation!! Thank you for such an informative article!”

– JB from South Wales, by email.

“I have just received the latest issue of Current Archaeology,  Issue 303, and what an issue.

Much to my surprise I found myself looking at a picture of the accommodation that I lived in whilst completing my undergraduate Geology mapping project around Snowdonia! (p.35, Cae-glas). Fond memories of 30 days, out of 35, of driving rain and near zero visibility.”

– CA from Kenya, by email.

“Thanks for all your help. Just to let you know, I love both the magazines and would hate to miss an issue of either. Thanks again.”

– HP from Millport, by email.

“She is always thrilled when this magazine arrives, keep up the good work!”

– LW from Cornwall, by email.

“I have had great pleasure reading your magazine for over ten years, and it helped me gain an MA in archaeology.”

– ND from Cornwall, by email.

“Thank you for the enjoyment and, of course, much knowledge gained of such a fascinating and absorbing subject over the fifteen years I have been a regular subscriber.  I trust and hope that both magazines will continue to prosper, entertain and educate many more readers in the future.”

– FE from Cumbria, by email.

“A fabulous pair of magazines; they’re absolutely life-saving!”

– JD from Essex, by email.

“You can enjoy it no matter what age you are… it’s a very, very good magazine.”

– SE from Edgbaston, by phone.

“I was fascinated to read the article on Rochester Cathedral [CA 307]. I lived in the close for seven years while my late father was Archdeacon of Rochester, so I could explore parts of the Cathedral that the general public didn’t see, like the cathedral library. I wrote a history of the Archdeacons of Rochester, and my father helped set up the visitor centre & shop. I love the magazine.”

– NP, by email.

“The service I have received has just been wonderful.”

– AN, Glossop, by phone.