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Current Archaeology is the top monthly magazine devoted to British archaeology. For over 50 years Current Archaeology has been visiting the digs, talking to the excavators, and reviewing the literature to keep our readers up-to-date. So, if you are interested in staying current with the past, now is the perfect time to subscribe.

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Each month you will hear directly from the excavators themselves – the articles are written by the archaeologists involved, then edited to ensure they are accessible to all. We aim neither to preach, nor give a bare recital of facts. Instead, you get the full story: why the excavators went there, how they made their discoveries, what they found – and, of course, what it all means.

Each issue includes:

DIGS: Each magazine reports on the latest excavations, brilliantly described and beautifully illustrated in full colour.
• DISCOVERIES: Be the first to find out about the latest archaeological discoveries, put into context.
• DEBATE: Know about the hot topics within archaeology – who’s saying what, and why it matters.
• NEWS: Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from excavations across the UK.
• CALENDAR: Find out what’s on and where with all the archaeological diary dates.
• BOOKS: Get discerning reviews of the latest books, and discover what’s soon to be published.
• MUSEUMS: Explore behind the scenes at the latest archaeological exhibitions.

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