Review – Hillforts of the Tay: community archaeology at Moncreiffe Hill and Castle Law, Abernethy

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AOC Archaeology Group
Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, £5
ISBN 978-527264052
Review Miles Russell

Hillforts, arguably the most Romantic and certainly the most monumentally impressive of archaeological sites in Britain, are currently undergoing a renaissance. Fieldwork today is moving beyond the simple study of ditch-and-rampart sequences and, as this excellent book demonstrates, is making fantastic new discoveries.

‘Hillforts of the Tay’ was an ambitious local community exploration, led by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust in partnership with AOC Archaeology Group, into three prominent Iron Age enclosures. The project involved large numbers of professionals and volunteers, and this timely book captures both the enthusiasm of the team and the exciting nature of their results. It is very accessible, with a host of photographs and dramatic full-colour reconstructions. This is the endlessly fascinating story of both the hillforts and the people who investigated them, and is precisely the kind of wide-ranging, informative, and easy-to-read guidebook that archaeologists should be making.

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