Review – Lost Landscapes of Palaeolithic Britain

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Mark White (ed.)
Oxford Archaeology, £25
ISBN 978-0904220773
Review George Nash

This much-anticipated book, funded by the former Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF), is a readable account of the diverse Palaeolithic landscapes of southern Britain, as uncovered through excavation and scientific investigation. The ALSF was an extremely worthwhile scheme that provided significant funding for archaeological projects in and around the quarries of England. Many of these buried landscapes possess a wealth of archaeological and palaeoenvironmental data, which has done much to rewrite the early prehistory of Britain.

Applying the results from these archaeological investigations across mainly southern and central England, this book explains in detail the dynamics between cold, temperate, and warm environments. Of particular use are the bite-size inserts that explain the science behind the archaeology. The book is supported by an index and a wealth of colour illustrations.

This publication will be an important contribution to the field for students, specialists, and those interested in understanding the artefactual and palaeoenvironmental evidence and landscapes of this little-understood period within British prehistory. A must-buy book.

This review was published in CA 324.

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