Review – The Prehistoric Archaeology of the A477 St Clears to Red Roses Road Improvement Scheme 2012

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Alistair Barber, Alan Hardy, and Andrew Mudd
Cotswold Archaeology, £19.95
ISBN 978-0993454554
Review George Nash

Around 97% of all archaeological fieldwork within the UK is undertaken by the private sector, especially large infrastructure projects such as road schemes. Since the introduction of national planning guidance for archaeology in 1990 and the emergence a professionally run commercial sector, archaeology and cultural heritage has been at the forefront of the planning process.

This well-illustrated book provides the results of a series of excavations along the A477, from St Clears to Red Roses in Carmarthenshire, during the road improvement scheme in 2012.

The book is organised into six chapters, each focusing on prehistoric settlement activity, from a Mesolithic site in the lower Tâf Valley to Early Neolithic pits, a post-built structure at Cildywyll, the remains of an Early Bronze Age barrow, a pyre site, a Middle Bronze Age drying oven site near St Clears, and a Bronze Age burnt mound at Red Roses.

This book will be an important reference to anyone interested in the prehistory of Carmarthenshire.

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