Edible Archaeology: Caen Castle dig

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We have been excavating at Caen Castle in Normandy for the past four years. As the dig came to an end, we wanted to say ‘goodbye and thank you’ to the archaeologist in charge. Bénédicte Guillot, who has welcome and trained so many archaeological students from across Europe. As big fans of your magazine, and of your ‘Edible Archaeology’ section, we thought a cake would be the perfect way to pay tribute to this special occasion. The cake depicts our site as it looked at the end of our last season. Two buildings can be seen: a large, 12th-century construction whose function is not yet clear, and a second, partially excavated structure overlying it.

Virginie Szymanski and Emilie Vassal-Léger

This edition of edible archaeology appeared in issue 300 of Current Archaeology.


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