Edible Archaeology: Tigh Caol

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TighCaol_ARP cake (1)

This cake represents the remains of an 19th century drovers’ inn at Tigh Caol, Argyll. It was made for GUARD Archaeology Ltd by Sarah Bailie, to celebrate the recent publication of the findings of our community excavation there (see CA 305 for more on this project), and accurately recreates a scaled plan from this report in sugar paste ‘stones’. The cake was served at the Archaeological Research in Progress (ARP) Conference in Edinburgh on 30 May (organized by Archaeology Scotland and Society of Antiquaries of Scotland annually), at which GUARD was one of the sponsors, and it was very well received – a real highlight of the day.

Warren Bailie

GUARD Archaeology

This edition of edible archaeology appeared in issue 305 of Current Archaeology.

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