Book of the Year 2024 – Nominees

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Below are some of the publications we feel most deserve to be recognised for their contribution to the field – the nominees for the Book of the Year award.

Voting closed 5 February and all the winners of the Current Archaeology Awards will be announced on 24 February as part of Current Archaeology Live! 2024. Click here to find out more about the event.

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Picts: scourge of Rome, rulers of the North

Gordon Noble and Nicholas Evans, CA 395

Drawing on the latest research, this book combines traditional resources with fresh perspectives and an emphasis on archaeology, providing a much-needed, comprehensive, and up-to-date survey of the Picts.

The Rise and Decline of Druce Farm Roman Villa (60-650 CE): excavations 2012-2018

Lilian Ladle, CA 397

Bringing together detailed discussions and substantial specialist reports, this book will stand as a reference point for villas in Dorset and beyond.

Winters in the World: a journey through the Anglo-Saxon year

Eleanor Parker, CA 398

Engagingly and lyrically written, this book takes a fresh approach to understanding the Anglo-Saxon world-view, exploring the seasons with deft clarity and detailed references to contemporary texts.

Doggerland: lost world under the North Sea

Luc Amkreutz and Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof (eds), CA 399

This is a comprehensive and thoughtful account of far-reaching research into a long-vanished landscape, drawing on the experiences of archaeologists and amateur collectors alike.

Lessons from Our Ancestors: equality, inclusivity, and sustainability in the Ancient World

Raksha Dave, CA 401

We don’t often nominate children’s books, but this one is doing something special, encouraging critical thought while communicating the past in a way that will inspire future archaeologists.

Broken Pots, Mending Lives: the archaeology of Operation Nightingale

Richard Osgood, CA 404

This landmark publication summarises the work by Operation Nightingale, carrying out excellent archaeology and undertaking invaluable work to improve the wellbeing of military veterans.

Ballynahatty: excavations in a Neolithic monumental landscape

Barrie Hartwell, Sarah Gormley, Catriona Brogan, and Caroline Malone (eds), CA 405

Essential reading for anyone interested in late Neolithic monumental complexes in Ireland, Britain, and further afield, this lavishly illustrated book is an all-encompassing summary of an important excavation.

The Forgotten Cemetery: excavations at Ranelagh, Co. Roscommon

Shane Delaney and Eileen Murphy, CA 405

Written in a brilliantly engaging, accessible style, but packed full of solid archaeological and scientific data, this report vividly illuminates a medieval community while never losing sight of the human story behind the finds.

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