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It’s been a big month for heritage and with the elections right around the corner, there are certainly more changes on the way. Our lead news story covers the release of the new planning policy statement, PPS5, which replaces the PPG 15 and 16 documents that have governed archaeology for nearly 20 years; what will the next 20 years bring? Additionally, as I heard at the recent IfA conference, heritage crime is firmly on the agenda and we will soon be seeing much stricter controls in protecting our historic environment.

Our cover story this month profiles fascinating evidence that Scotland was settled much earlier than previously thought, and we are very pleased to feature the winners of both the Jeffrey May Award and the Awards for the Presentation of Heritage Research. The story of Sandwich is a perfect illustration of how planning applications might be handled under the new legislation; and finally, Pollphail provides a cautionary tale for future boom-time investments.


New PPS5 document; Why heritage matters; Staffordshire Hoard campaign; Shakespeare’s rubbish; Chedworth  restored; Pictish carvings; Viking mass grave; Rosslyn Chapel’s hidden hives; Earl Harold’s lodge.


Moor Sand: A Bronze Age shipwreck revealed
A 3,000 year old wreck is shedding new light on the extent of trade links with Europe.

Howburn Farm: Scotland’s first people
A scattering of flints has turned out to be the earliest evidence of humans in Scotland

Sandwich: ‘The completest Medieval town in England
Archaeology, topography and archival evidence combine to reveal this historic town.

Pollphail: The story of Scotland’s modern lost village
Built and abandoned in the 1970’s, Polphail is a unique piece of industrial heritage.

Credit Crunch and Venetian Galleys: Winner of the 2010 Jeffrey May Award
Adam Daubney investigates dodgy dealings and illegal currencey in  Medieval England.


Archaeological Investigation; English Heritage Historical Review Vol 4; Finds from the Frontier, Ocean’s Odyssey.

Chris Catling’s irreverent take on heritage issues.

Last Word
Andrew Selkirk tackles the possible consequences of the upcoming election and provides details of his busy conference going season.

Odd Socs
The Drinking Fountain Association.

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