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It seems the action never stops in archaeology these days, with two big stories reaching CA just as we closed the issue: the Frome Hoard, and new discoveries at Stonehenge. The first is yet another confirmation of how vital the Portable Antiquities Scheme is to British archaeology; and the second, confirmation that for as much as we learn about our nation’s most famous monument, we will never know everything.
The Festival of British Archaeology has started off with a bang by recognising some very worthy projects; see all the winners in this month’s News. Hot on the heels of this success, Scotland chimes in with September devoted to Scottish Archaeology Month. There is no excuse: get out and experience some archaeology this summer!
We round this issue off with a report on Baldock, a site that adds evidence to this year’s continuing debate on the end of Roman Britain, as well as two features on cemeteries, highlighting just how much burial practices change over time and distance.
Britain’s biggest single coin hoard
A massive jar containing over 52,000 Roman coins has been found by a metal detectorist.
Sittingbourne and Wasperton
We look at a major new site and the latest report from Wasperton:  what do they tell us?
A small town at the end of Roman Britain
When did Roman Britain end? New evidence from Baldock addresses this year’s hot topic.
Newford, Ballygaraun and Carrowkeel
Evidence from the N6 road scheme in Ireland sheds new light on mortuary archaeology.
Excavations at ‘The Theatre’; Swash Channel wreck; Caring for Places of Worship; Earliest Britons; New list of World Heritage candidates; Plans to excavate WWII fighter; Lidar in new Forest; 2010 British Archaeological Awards.
Local History on the Ground;
The Archaeology of Human Bones; Silbury: Resolving the enigma;
Boudica to Raedwald: East Anglia’s relations with Rome
Alice Roberts is one of TV archaeology’s most recognisable faces. She shares the details of her new
BBC Two series, Digging for Britain.
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