Roman Glassmakers

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We have worked as glassmakers since 1989, and have devoted virtually all of our time to re-creating Roman glass. In June 2001 we switched from making free-blown and mould-blown Roman glass to working full-time on mosaic glass for one year. In our capacity as glassblowers we have appeared on several British national television programmes devoted to archaeology. In 2005, with funding from English Heritage and other sponsors, we began our Roman Furnace Project. This has involved constructing wood-fired furnaces based on excavated Roman furnaces and using them for glassworking, and is being continued in 2006. In the pursuit of our work, we have attracted the interest and attention of many glass historians, and their help and support has been invaluable to us. Details of our work in experimental archaeology and of the reproduction Roman glass we sell are on our website.

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