North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology Society (NEDIAS)

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North East Derbyshire Industrial Archaeology SocietyThe aims and objectives of the society are the study of the industrial history and archaeology of this north-east corner of Derbyshire, an area with a very long and strong heritage of manufacturing industry, from paper products and ceramics through to heavy engineering, An area where waterpower and coal provided the energy, and where turnpike roads, canals and railways were developed to aid distribution.
The society brings together like minds who have an interest in the subject at whatever level. from the curious, to those who already have extensive knowledge.

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  1. I have been recommended to contact you with a request for information about the Milnes family who were lead merchants in Chesterfield in the 17th and 18th centuries with smelting works around the Ashover and Eyam areas. Do have any information about the family and their business please.

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