Queens University, Belfast

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The School welcomes all those who have an interest or passion in things archaeological and, or geographical that they wish to develop in an academic way.

What they say:

The School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology comprises three research clusters: Environmental Change, Past Cultural Change and Society, Space and Culture. In addition, the School hosts five research centres. The School supports internationally recognised research and education programmes (Geography (UG) and Archaeology & Palaeoecology) that tackle vital cultural, environmental and social concerns, past and present. Please browse our pages to discover more about teaching and research. The new School of 34 academics combines study traditions of past and present environments, in both their cultural and physical dimensions. Given the many problems of future environments in the 21st century, it is a prime requisite that graduates from GAP are well versed in how past and contemporary worlds work and behave, while future postgraduates will have pushed the frontiers of knowledge and understanding in their pursuit of similar goals. All those who have the desire to know about how the world works, and are equally intrigued by how the past can enliven the study and understanding of the future, are welcome to join with us in this challenging venture.

What we say:

The only unit that combines archaeology with palaeoecology in the UK and Ireland. Much of this happens through the Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF), which undertakes excavation work for Environment Department (NI) and has provided experience and employment for students and graduates.

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