Winchester, University College

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There are about 60 students per year taking BA Archaeology and BA Archaeological Practice at this thriving university college. Field work and practical archaeology are a particular focus. MA courses and research degrees also offered.

What they say:

Winchester was the ancient capital of England. It is close to some of Britain’s most important archaeological sites: e.g. Stonehenge, Avebury, Danebury, Fishbourne Roman villa and the medieval towns of Salisbury and Southampton, while Winchester itself has some of Britain’s most impressive medieval architecture. Our immediate environs is, however, not the sole focus of our research and teaching. Travel is an essential aspect of archaeology, and archaeologists are arguably the best-travelled professionals as they have to absorb both present and past culture wherever they go. We currently work in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East, the Arabian peninsula, Scandinavia, seven Mediterranean countries and the Caucasus, as well as the UK. All this is reflected in the latest Quality Assurance Agency audit of university archaeology teaching – we were one of only four departments to be awarded the maximum 24/24 grade. This grading reflects not only the quality of our teaching, but also our focus on vocational archaeology (our unique BSc Archaeological Practice degree for instance).

What we say:

Main teaching and research foci are: Medieval, Roman and Classical archaeology; geoarchaeology and environmental archaeology; the archaeology of religion and ritual, and archaeological field practice. With
state of the art facilities they are one of only two university archaeology departments registered with the Institute of Archaeologists.   Some BA courses are available as joint honours with another subject including English, History, Psychology and Theology. With a strong focus on medieval archaeology the department’s   Magdalen Hill Archaeological Research Project was featured in Current Archaeology 267!

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