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Richard Lee, Education Project Officer, Council for British Archaeology guides us through the world of continuing education and lifelong learning.

Taking a degree is just one of many paths into the world of archaeology, with resources available beyond formal education that are suited to a wide range of age groups country-wide. Enjoying archaeology does not require an accredited qualification and there are various programmes open to those who simply want to get involved. Here are just a few part-time archaeology courses on offer.

Birkbeck College, London, is a core provider of adult education in Britain, offering numerous accredited archaeology certificates and diplomas, plus part-time options for BA and MA degrees. In 2010, the college is introducing a two-year foundation degree in Archaeological Practice and Techniques, with support from the Museum of London.

University of Sussex, Brighton, has one of the broadest choices of British archaeology available in the UK. Practical courses include: Excavation Training at Barcombe Roman Villa; Planning and Section Drawing for Archaeologists, a weekend session; A Practical Introduction to Animal Bones in Archaeology over 10 sessions; and one-off   day schools on: the Romans; Sutton Hoo; Artefact Illustration; Practical Archaeology.
University of Liverpool has two Lecture Series this autumn: the everpoplar Prehistory (six two-hour sessions
entitled Britain Before History); and The Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece looking at Knossos, Athens, Rhodes, Olympia and Delphi, as well as courses on Stonehenge, Central America, Archaeological Excavation and the Latin language.

University of York is introducing an accredited qualification — the Certificate of Higher Education in Archaeology – this year, with new modules in the History and Theory of Archaeology; An Introduction to British Archaeology, and The Archaeology of Egypt. Course consists of 11 three-hour sessions.

University of Exeter 18-week courses include The Viking Age in Britain and France and Archaeology Skills and Techniques.

University of Leicester offers a part-time Diploma, Masters and PhD research, as well as courses in South Asian archaeology, British Prehistory, and Post Medieval Archaeology as an internet-based distance learning programme.

The University of Aberdeen offers a certificate, diploma or degree in Scottish Archaeology via its online and video conferencing network.

MANCENT, is a new centre for continuing education opening in Manchester this year, is offering Ancient World and options, and will fill the gap left by the closure of the University of Manchester’s Course for the Public programme.


The Universities of Liverpool, Oxford, York, Exeter, Swansea, Warwick, Birkbeck, Cambridge and Glasgow hold courses on Egyptology — one of the most popular subjects in continuing education.
The Universities of Aberdeen, Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cambridge, East Anglia, Edinburgh, Hull, Keele, Lancaster, Oxford, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton, and Sunderland also offer opportunities for further education in archaeology.


Other popular institutions offering courses in archaeology include
the Worker’s Education Association , the Open University , and the University of the Third Age .
It should not be forgotten that many local archaeological societies and local education authorities also provide courses.

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