A guide to all the major university archaeology departments in the UK

Here we list all the major University departments that specialise in archaeology, together with descriptions of them taken from their websites and our thoughts along with a list of undergraduate and post graduate courses offered. Some universities listed do not offer straight archaeology but offer archaeology modules related courses such as Anthropology, Egyptology and Ancient History; additionally they may offer courses such as Classics, which we have not listed here as we feel they do not fall under the remit of ‘archaeology’ . All entries link to the univerisities website and provide the relevant contact details. Current and former students are welcome to add their comments and experiences!

The ratings on each of the Universities are taken from the last two Research Assessment Excercises, in 2001 and 2008. The markings are completely different, so don’t compare them! The 2001 Excercise (RAE01) is marked from 1 to 5 (and then 5*); whereas the 2008 marks are an average figure, where the lowest score was 1.85, and the highest was 3.05. There is also a Teaching Quality Assessment score which measures the Teaching as opposed to the Research, and is a score out of 24. Not all ratings are available for all universitites, particulalrly newer departments.

CA University Guide

Universities are ‘tagged’ to allow you to filter them by RAE 08 ratings, TQA ratings and courses they offer. Click on a tag to view all entries tagged with the subject.

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