Ice Age haul from beneath the waves

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Hand axes from the Ice Age have been dragged up from the North Sea, just off Great Yarmouth.  The 28 hand-axes are over 100,000 years old and were found along with bones and teeth in gravel dredged from the sea floor. 

Dutch amateur archaeologist Jan Meulmeester collected the axes over a three month period but only recently realised their significance.

Phil Harding of Wessex Archaeology and Channel 4’s Time Team, an expert on the Ice Age, said: 'These finds are massively important. The hand-axes would have been used by hunters in butchering the carcasses of animals like mammoths.'

Ian Oxley, Head of Maritime Archaeology at English Heritage, said: 'These are exciting finds. We know people were living out there before Britain became an island but sites actually proving this are rare.'

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