Bodicacia’s brew: raising a toast to a recent Roman find

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Lucy poses with Bodicacia's tombstone, and a bottle of the ale named in her honour.
Lucy poses with Bodicacia’s tombstone, and a bottle of the ale named in her honour.

The recent discovery of a rare Roman tombstone by Cotswold Archaeology in Cirencester (CA 302) is being celebrated by the launch of a new beer named in honour of the woman it commemorates.

‘Bodicacia’ – a 4.7% golden ale that contains a variety of English hops including the floral ‘Boadicea’ – has been brewed by Cirencester’s smallest craft brewery, Corinium Ales Ltd.

Founded by ex-National Trust conservationist Lucy Cordrey and her partner Colin Knight, the brewery’s other Roman offerings include ‘Ale Caesar’, ‘1AD Porter’, and ‘Pliny the Elderflower’.

‘Bodicacia’ will have initial limited availability at local markets, and at a Roman food and drink festival on 30-31 May at Cirencester’s Corinium Museum (which coincides with an exhibition, ‘Food for Thought’, that runs until 5 July).

For more information on the food and drink festival, click here. You can read more about the ‘Food for Thought’ exhibition here.

Corinium Ales Ltd’s website is


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  1. What a brilliant tribute to an inspiring Iceni queen…..who knows with a glass or two she might even have seen the Romans off……

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