Mick Aston’s latest dig

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Mick Aston is best known as the leader of the Time Team, running around telling other people what to do and  where to dig.   But Mick is someone who practises what he preaches and for many years now he has been investigating his home village at Winscombe, near Western-Super-Mare in Somerset.   Here he practises ‘total archaeology’, investigating all the old maps, discovering everything there is to be known about the history of the village, and then going out regularly to dig test pits throughout the village.

On September 21st he will be revealing the secrets of his work at the Annual Meeting of the Council for Independent Archaeology in its series of Archaeology without a Grant.   This year the theme is Practical Archaeology: the contribution of the independent archaeologist and Mick Aston will be the leading speaker. The Conference is being held in the village hall at Shipham, which is the next door village to Winscombe, and has a splendid village hall.

Local societies are encouraged to attend and show off their wares.   If you would like to talk about your work, there are still two slots available in the programme for societies, or indeed other organisations who wish to show off their success and tell us how they are doing ‘archaeology without a grant’.   It will also be possible to lay on exhibitions of your work.

Tickets for the meeting on September 21st 2013 are available price £19, which includes a splendid Somerset lunch.   Details can be obtained from the Council’s website at www.independents.org.uk .   If you wish to contribute to the conference please email me, Andrew Selkirk, at [email protected] , while applications for tickets should be sent to the Hon. Treasurer, Keith Foster at [email protected] .



  1. I am saddened to read that there will be NO more time team,i have watched them & the repeats
    many many times, i have even got the DVDs
    I do not know if there was any problems in the background, I sincerely hope that the original team get back together again

    • With the changes that Channel 4 had made I really think that Time Team had had it’s day. Whilst at the start it was an interesting program it had been spoiled and certain members of the cast became more important that the aims.

  2. I am currently looking for other dig programs that feature many of the time team stars of the show. I live in New Zealand and watch all sorts of archeology programs. If anyone can help with some leads then I will able to watch many of the cast in their own programs.

  3. I have adored every minute of Time Team and been really upset when they were off the air here in Australia. They are back again now Yahoo. Dear Mick I will miss you and your calming manner yet always enthused about your role and the on-air reparte’ with Phil was priceless . Two “real” Englishmen. Mick I also think that the number of Archeologists who started their career because of you is countless. You may doubt your impact on “real” academia but reaching the common man/women is no mean feat. May I offer my best wishes for your future.

  4. Rest In Peace. Your presence lit up Time Team. Loved your enthusiasm, your delight in the most mundane of finds and those jumpers. Sadly missed.

  5. Have a friend here in Oz who is now doing her PhD in archaeology no small thanks to the youthful influence of Time Team. So sad to learn of Mick Aston’s passing. A truly unique bloke.

  6. Thank you Mick for such a great contribution to our culture and education. Archaeology snobs can say what they like but you had the common touch and a gift for communication. You will be missed.

  7. so sad to here about Mick’, passing..now we learn that they have axed the programme.what a sad thing to hear.I always watch it even the repeats..love it

  8. How very sad that such an interesting, gentle and unique person should depart so early in his life. Rest assured that many people who knew nothing about Archaeology before Time Team appeared on our screens are now much more knowledgable about ‘stains in the soil’ and ‘post holes’ and crave more of this format. Mick Aston will be missed by many and I’m frankly gutted he will not be leading the TT to further discoveries with Phil Harding and Co. Someone has made a big mistake in not extending the Time Team format, but I understand that to be the TV Company’s ‘dumbing down’ process undertaken in full technicolour action.

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