Time Team Season 2011 coming soon!

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We are delighted to announce that Time Team will return to the small screen very soon!  The new series of the long-running and much beloved archaeology programme will air on Channel 4 from February this year.

Tony Robinson and the trusty team (including Professor Mick Aston) will be raising their trowels once more to grace a number of noted and less well known archaeological sites across Britain.  Expect grubby hands, evocative insights, fascinating discoveries, revealing reconstructions, plenty of arguments amongst the experts and the usual excitement from the team.

For all the details, further information on individual episodes, dig sites of this series, exclusive articles and much more, be sure to pick up the forthcoming edition of Current Archaeology.


  1. and lets hope that this series doesn’t get mysteriously kicked off its Sunday evening slot as happened with the last one. seemed to just disappear with no comment from anyone.

  2. The last series was actually split in two, with a few months between the two halves. I think they’re still available on 4od if you missed any 🙂
    It’s a shame people don’t seem to appreciate their own history and archaeology, let alone that of the rest of the world. Even my own mother thinks Time Team is “Boring” – I have to grit my teeth and walk slowly away…counting to 10… :p

  3. what happened last year ?? settling down to watch on sunday night and its not on with no explanation.had been taken off!!!!!!!and its a great series i do wish sky would stop sreening old episodes can hardly recognise tony and the crew

  4. Having read comments on the website, I cannot agree more1 No other programme seems to be treated in the same disrespectful way as Time Team. Sunday evenings in winter are made truly enjoyable by sitting by the fire watching Time Team. Then, just when everything is going swimmingly, it vanishes, mid series, with no explanation whatsoever. It seems to be annually treated in the same manner, and we avid viewers are left totally frustrated.

  5. ive 4 eps to go and i have complete series from 1994 + a lot of the specials also 5 TT books, bored with old ones, No! bring them on and on and

  6. I have a good site to suggest – former Bishop’s Palace, medieval manor house, roman river crossing, lost Saxon village, that as far as I can tell has never been excavated. How do I get in touch with the producers?

  7. It great news the the program will be returning soon but could the producers do some thing about the field Archaeologist Phil Harding Hair style please bring the man in to the 21centenary and cut his Rat tail hair beside that the program is very interesting program to watch

  8. One of the few programs on out TVs that is worth watching – and what happens – it goes!! For heavens sake, why is it not possible to retain one of the few intelligent and interesting shows??

  9. have enjoyed every eoisode we have mnaged to get in Australia. Saddened by the death of Mick Aston but wish the powers that be would continue with the programme. They think too expensive but what is history worth – priceless.

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