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A corner devoted to the champions of political correctness


This month’s champion is: Deborah Lamb, Director of Policy and Communications, English Heritage, and Headmistress of The Academy of Sustainable Communities “If communities are to be sustainable in the long term, local people and their leaders must have the skills to understand and influence developments in their areas. This is the third main area of the Academy’s programme for the next two years. The Academy will work with others to develop learning programmes for community leaders, local government members, and officers and Local Strategic Partnerships to raise sustainable communities skills and awareness. Particular emphasis will be given to the generic skills involved in establishing a clear vision and gaining consensus for that vision; and the project delivery skills to ensure that the vision actually happens.


Underpinning the ASC’s work will be a wide range of research and good practice activities, which aim to provide a solid, practical accessible information base for all those striving to achieve sustainable communities. The ASC’s website ( is an important resource for anyone working to improve the places where we live and work”.


This opinion comes from CA issue 208

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