The London Archaeologist

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The London Archaeologist has been relaunched with a new format, a new design and colour throughout.


The London Archaeologist originally launched in 1968 when the editor and founder, Nick Fuentes (Farrant), came to us with his ideas for a magazine similar to Current Archaeology, but covering the London area. We were flattered and for many years I served as a trustee of the magazine. They got away to a very good start and since then have covered virtually everything that goes on in archaeology in London. Twenty years ago Clive Orton took over as editor when Nick Fuentes sadly fell ill, and since then Clive has brought the LA out regularly in the intervals of his full time job as Professor in Quantitative Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, London. Throughout, the magazine has been held together by Sheila Broomfield and her husband, who have not only acted as subscription managers, but also for much of the time have stuffed and despatched the magazine themselves. Archaeology in London and Kent owes much to the Broomfields. Throughout the past 39 years the London Archaeologist has remained in its original quarto format, but it has now enlarged to A4 with a bright new design by Tracy Wellman. New features include Museum Visits, Find Spot, and an interview with two distinguished London archaeologists, as well as an excavation report on a notorious tavern at Chelsea Bridge Walk. The London Archaeologist is quarterly and the subscription costs £16 a year. All archaeologists living in London should subscribe — subscriptions to be sent to Sheila Broomfield, 8 Woodview Crescent, Hildenborough, TN11 9HD.      


This opinion comes from CA issue 210

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