Lime Kilns: history and heritage

1 min read
David Johnson
Amberley Publishing, £14.99
ISBN 978-1445680590
Review Lizzy Pinkerton

Whether you are an academic reviewing the history of lime kilns across Britain or simply an enthusiast who is interested in understanding more about how your local lime kiln functioned and how it fits into the wider historic landscape, this book is an easy and enjoyable read. David Johnson’s passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for these historic structures is evident throughout.

No matter how much you think you know about lime kilns, you will learn something new from this book. It has numerous photographs of lime kilns in their current condition, along with historic photographs, old maps, an original kiln advertisement, and various kiln design-plans.

Although lime kilns were once commonplace in the landscape, today only a very small percentage stand complete. Even those that have been restored are in danger of once again being overcome by vegetation due to lack of long-term maintenance. David challenges us to consider what role we can play as individuals or community groups to rediscover our local lime-kiln heritage, and look after it for future generations.

This review appeared in CA 348.

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