REVIEW: 50 Finds from Cheshire

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50 Finds Cheshire50 Finds from Cheshire: Objects from the Portable Antiquities Scheme
Vanessa Oakden
Amberley, £14.99
ISBN 978-1445646909

This new work celebrating finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Cheshire provides an illustrated insight into the county’s archaeology, and challenges previous views on ancient life. Its chronological layout clearly charts key finds from the area, spanning from the Neolithic to the post medieval. Although succinct, it delves into discussion about the possible origins, uses, and values of each artefact.  The written information is made easy to understand with good use of full colour images.

Vanessa Oakden, Finds Liaison Officer for Cheshire, provides a fascinating and accessible analysis of objects that range from the familiar to the obscure, commenting on the rarity of the artefacts featured. By connecting a large number of small finds, the author creates a personal view of Cheshire’s past, beginning the book with a description of flint tools and arrowheads in the late Neolithic era, and ending it with an engaging account of flint from a musket dating back to the 1600’s. This continued but changing use of flint reflects advancements in weaponry as well as its importance in the development of Cheshire’s inhabitants.

Review by Jenny McDowell-Langford

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