Review – Exploring Megalithic Europe

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Julian Heath
Rowman & Littlefield, £24.95
ISBN 978-1538120910
Review Amy Brunskill

In this new publication, Julian Heath presents a guide to the impressive stone structures created in the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, and Bronze Age, which dominate landscapes in many parts of Europe, bringing to life the world of the prehistoric people who once inhabited them.

The megaliths are divided by region, beginning with Brittany, and ranging from Mediterranean islands to Scandinavia. Heath introduces a selection of both well-known and more obscure monuments, choosing examples that allow for a discussion of wider themes. The context in which the megaliths were constructed is also considered, highlighting what they can tell us about the societies that created them, whether this is where the material was sourced, the possible belief systems of the builders, or what the construction may indicate about societal organisation.

This volume is well-illustrated and includes many ideas about interpretations and the folklore associated with the megaliths alongside the academic research and scientific data, offering a detailed introduction to Megalithic Europe while remaining accessible and engaging for a general readership.

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