Review – Ruins and Follies of East Anglia

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Edward Couzens-Lake
Amberley, £14.99
ISBN 978-1445672984
Review Camille Gasnier

This is a book you will want in your pocket if you are going for a stroll in East Anglia. Through his writing, Edward Couzens-Lake – a passionate explorer of Norwich – accompanies the reader to 45 sites, each of which is given a concise historical description and photographs.

Imagination, storytelling, and discovery are the key features of this publication, which journeys around diverse locations including castles, churches, and towers. Among these are unusual structures like the Scallop, on Aldeburgh beach, and the Level Drainage Mill, a windmill that is described as a great place to spark your imagination. Every building has particular historical or cultural points of interest, and the future and accessibility of the featured ruins and follies is also considered.

This is a personal account, with a sprinkling of humour, which invites us to open our minds to these unusual places. Grab a copy of the book and set your imagination free to create your own experiences of these eye-catching places.

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