Review – The Ancient Ways of Wessex: travel and communication in an early medieval landscape

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Alexander Langland
Windgather Press, £35
ISBN 978-1911188513
Review Amy Brunskill

This book increases understanding of the travel networks of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex. Using a range of sources, it discusses the evidence for early medieval roads and pathways which shaped the movement and communication of people in the area.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the subject, beginning with a literature review of the existing knowledge that can contribute to the study of Anglo-Saxon road networks and travel. The book uses ten case studies from a range of locations with different topographies to demonstrate what can be learned about early medieval boundaries and routeways from the comparison of Anglo-Saxon charters with first-edition Ordnance Survey maps, before expanding the discussion to the wider region.

This work presents an insightful study of Wessex’s Anglo-Saxon roads, drawing on historical and archaeological evidence, including primary sources, as well as topographical and toponymic data, complemented by an excellent selection of illustrative maps and image

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