Review – The Ness of Brodgar: digging deeper

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Roy Towers, Nick Card, and Mark Edmonds
Ness of Brodgar Trust, £7
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Perched on a peninsula in the heart of the Orkney archipelago, the Ness of Brodgar is a truly remarkable site. Long-running excavations there are bringing a wealth of discoveries to light, illuminating the life and death of a sophisticated Neolithic community (see CA 335).

This slim but fact-packed guidebook, produced to help support the dig, is now in its second edition, revised and updated to include the latest information from the site. In his introduction, project director Nick Card writes that the story is still developing, with much still open to interpretation and new information constantly emerging.

Accessibly written and stuffed with stunning colour photographs, 3D digital images, maps, and plans, the book provides a solid overview of the site, but also zooms in on particular aspects, such as Ness’ mighty Great Wall, a massive construction to the north of the site, which at 6m across is wider than Hadrian’s Wall.

An absorbing introduction to the site – great as a primer to prepare for a visit, and certainly light enough to carry with you when you go.

This review appeared in CA 338.

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