Review – Yorkshire: a story of invasion, uprising and conflict

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Paul C Levitt
Pen and Sword, £12.99
ISBN 978-1526752550
Review Amy Brunskill

In this book, the history of Yorkshire from prehistory to present day is told through the lens of the conflicts that occurred in each period. Beginning with prehistoric occupation and following the story of the region up to the 20th century, the bulk of the work focuses on the medieval conquests and battles, and the effects that they had on the area and its population.

Despite the broad time span covered, the book manages to present a clear and engaging overview of Yorkshire in many of the key periods of English history. It offers readers an accessible introduction to the subject, although it may have benefitted from a map or two to illustrate the conflicts described.

Paul Levitt succeeds in his goal of demonstrating that the county and its people have been shaped by invasions and turmoil. His account gives a vivid impression of the constantly rising and falling tide of political struggles, uprisings, and religious and social tensions that affected the development of Yorkshire and the lives of its occupants in the past, and leave their marks even today.

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