Rescue Project of the Year 2021 – Nominees

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We’ve collated some of the best rescue projects that have been highlighted in Current Archaeology over the past year. Below are the nominees for Rescue Project of the Year. Once you’ve made your choice, click here to cast your vote!

Voting closes on 8 February 2021, and all the winners of the Current Archaeology Awards will then be announced on 26 February as part of our virtual Current Archaeology Live! 2021. More details of the event to come.

Between the cracks: underfloor archaeology at Oxburgh Hall

National Trust, CA 367

An array of finds, including rare fragments of manuscripts and cloth, were recently discovered underneath the floorboards of Oxburgh Hall, giving insights into its history and the experiences of the people who lived there.

Read the full article here.

A unique glimpse into the Iron Age: excavating Clachtoll Broch

Historic Assynt/AOC Archaeology, CA 367

A decade-long series of community excavations have revealed the remains of a Highland broch that burned down 2,000 years ago and in the process sealed remarkable evidence of its final occupation inside.

Read the full article here.

The monastery before the market: Spitalfields’ medieval chapter revealed

MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), CA 363

Excavations have revealed how St Mary Spital, London’s first religious house founded by Londoners, developed from a small hospital into a large institution caring for the medieval poor and sick for more than 300 years.

Read the full article here.

Industry, commerce, and the urban poor: illuminating Bath’s lost quayside district

Wessex Archaeology, CA 363

Archaeological investigations between Bath’s old city walls and the River Avon have uncovered traces of a notorious slum and red-light district, home to 10,000 of the city’s poorest residents in the 18th to 20th centuries.

Read the full article here.

The Herefordshire Viking hoard: unpicking the story of a stolen treasure

Herefordshire Archaeology/Birmingham Museums Trust/Portable Antiquities Scheme/Herefordshire Museum Service/British Museum, CA 361

In 2019, pieces of a stolen but hugely significant Viking hoard were recovered; since then, analysis of these artefacts and the landscape in which they were buried has shed new light on Anglo-Saxon England.

Read the full article here.

Excavating Cataractonium: recent Roman discoveries during the A1 upgrade in North Yorkshire

Northern Archaeological Associates, CA 359

Major road improvement works beside the A1 in North Yorkshire have uncovered an astonishing wealth of Roman archaeology, from settlements to cemeteries, illuminating centuries of life beside Dere Street.

Read the full article here.

Voting closes on 8 February

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