VIDEO: The search for Richard III – Richard Buckley at CA Live! 2013

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Richard Buckley takes CA conference attendees through the discovery of Richard III's remains. Image:
Richard Buckley takes CA conference attendees through the discovery of Richard III’s remains. Image: Aerial-Cam

In September 2012, archaeologists from the University of Leicester announced a significant development in their search for the remains of Richard III, England’s last Medieval monarch: the discovery of human remains thought to be those of the lost king, beneath a carpark in the city centre. Five months later, following an exhaustive battery of scientific tests, the team were able to confirm that these were indeed the bones of the ill-fated Plantaganet.

At our annual conference, Current Archaeology Live! 2013,  ULAS’ Richard Buckley, lead archaeologist on the Greyfriars Project, shared the full story of this astonishing piece of archaeological detective work with over 400 rapt attendees. For those who were unable to make it to the conference, however, Richard has kindly agreed to let us make his talk available on our website. Enjoy!

For more information on the search for Richard III, see our features in CA 272 and 277


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  1. Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, a professional independent historian, was the singular person responsible for the discovery of the Richard III burial site. It was not Richard Buckley nor Turi King … which the University of Leicester PR Department wants the world to think it was.

    Get the truth at:



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