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CA Live! 2022 Exhibitor

CA Live! 2022 Exhibitor

Join our expert archaeologists and historians on fascinating journeys into history, prehistory and the ancient world. Share your interests in our small, friendly groups on enriching travel experiences in beautiful locations. Enjoy our unique, inspiring, carefully planned itineraries, including hidden gems and private access to the must-see and the rarely-seen.

Upcoming Tours:

We have an expanding portfolio of tours throughout Britain, Europe and the Mediterranean. Some of our featured tours for 2022 include:

Land of the Dobunni: The Cotswolds & Severn Vale, 25-30 April.

Discover one of the richest regions of Roman Britain with Mark Corney.


Pompeii & Campania, 05-12 May.

Archaeology at its most vivid and compelling with Dr Christopher Cole.


Living with the White Horse: Hillforts of the Ridgeway, 10-14 May.

A first-class exploration of British Iron Age archaeology with Professor Gary Lock.


Minoan Crete & Santorini, 21-29 May.

The Bronze Age Aegean in fascinating focus with Dr Kostas Georgakopoulos.


Boudicca: Heroic Queen of Britannia, 06-11 June.

Tracing the footsteps of the devastating Boudiccan Rebellion with Dr Simon Elliott.


Hellfire Corner: England’s Front Line, 06-13 June.

From the Roman invasion to the Battle of Britain with Dr Christopher Cole.


Hadrian’s Wall, Socks & Sandals, 14-21 June.

Explore Britain’s most magnificent ancient monument with Dr Simon Elliott.


Wonderful Holidays, Historic Wonders…

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