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CA 232This month’s Current Archaeology offers in-depth looks at stories that have been front-page news in recent weeks.   We begin with conclusions: as presented by Alice Roberts in the BBC’s new documentary on human evolution, are we all Africans? The recently completed restoration of the famous garden at Kenilworth Castle is also making headlines.   Is the letter upon which we base our understanding of the famous garden’s design a forgery? These heady examinations are followed by a look at the archaeology on the Otterburn Training Area in Northumberland.   The land of Otterburn is stunning and full of fantastic archaeology from the Neolithic through to recent years; it is also part of the second largest active firing range in Britain. How does archaeology fare on a Defense Estate?   Read on, and find out.

Bones, stones and genes
Alice Roberts’ new BBC documentary is charting the spread of human migration.   New research is pointing to the astonishing conclusion that we are all descended from one common female ancestor: the African Eve.   Can this be true? Features Editor Neil Faulkner digs deeper.

From barrow to bunker
The Otterburn Training Area in Northumberland is rich in both natural beauty and multi-period archaeological remains.   As part of a Ministry of Defence Estate where active firing and intensive training is de rigeur, how does the archaeology survive? CA Editor Lisa Westcott investigates.

‘It’s a long, long way to Tipperary’
High on the moor at Silloans on the Otterburn Training Area, remains of WWI training trenches are clearly visible.   Who built them, and how were they used to prepare troops for action in the Great War?   Martin Brown and his team tackle the questions.

Kenilworth Castle
The love affair between Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and Elizabeth I came to a head at Kenilworth Castle during the steamy summer of 1575.   Dudley’s purpose-built garden for wooing the Queen has been recently restored, and Chris Catling examines the result.

Bristol’s Royal Fort; Welsh bronze; Wye Valley; Conservation areas; Stonhenge Visitor Centre; Newball Cross; Swash wreck; Charles II’s decoration; Smalltalk.

MP’s expenses; Jaqui’s plaque; Burford?, EH on TV; Prince Charles gagged; Top shelf denied; Hot wheels; Berets revived.

Universities abandon archaeology courses.

Last Word
Climate change; Education;
Andrew Saunders.

The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology; Warlords; Archaeology: what it is, where it is, and how to do it; English Heritage Historical Review, vol 3; Caldecote.

Prone burials; Questionable decisions;   All human life; Villa?; Choc a block; Robin Hood.


Odd Socs
The Campaign for Real Ale



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