Culver Archaeological Project

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Geophysics image of the Bridge Farm settlement. (Photo: David Staveley)
Geophysics image of the Bridge Farm settlement. (Photo: David Staveley)

The Culver Archaeological Project involves the local community, students and volunteers in the investigation of the historic environment under the supervision of the founding director Rob Wallace, and deputy David Millum. The current excavations are at Bridge Farm, a Romano-British settlement, discovered in 2011, with evidence of activity from late 1st to late 4th century and a bivallate defensive enclosure from the late 2nd century. This sizeable settlement would seem to both pre- and post-date the nearby villa and bathhouse at Barcombe and is in a pivotal location at the junction of three main Roman roads and the River Ouse. CAP organises an excavation every summer normally funded by a modest charge made to volunteers, students and campers plus donations, although the 2013 dig was funded by a substantial grant from the National Lottery. The summer season includes all types of fieldwork from surveying, excavating, finds processing and recording in which all volunteers are encouraged to take part. This vast site of potentially national importance offers scope for many years of investigation into the still hidden world of rural settlements in the Roman era with the promise of remarkable discoveries with every additional year of excavation. For more information on recent excavations and finds go to www.culverproject.co.uk.

Contact details

Web: www.culverproject.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Director: Robert Wallace (tel: 07958971453)



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