Glasgow Archaeological Society

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Glasgow Archaelogical Society logo embedSince 1856, the Glasgow Archaeological Society has been fostering public awareness of the importance of archaeology in increasing our understanding of the past through its programme of lectures, publications, field visits and other activities. During the winter months the society organises a series of monthly lectures by speakers from Britain and abroad. These illustrated lectures cover both local topics and those from farther afield, within a wide time span from the prehistoric to the post medieval period.

Membership Rates

Ordinary Membership — £25

Associate Membership — £10 (associate members are partners of ordinary members)

Student Membership — £10 (to qualify, students must be in full time education and may only be student members for a maximum of 4 years)

Meeting details

Please see the Society’s website for more detail on their lecture programme and organised events and excursions.


Contact details

Email:  [email protected]




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